Head peeling

Hi:) How is it going? I know Im a bit late with my posts. Well, I promise I will write more often. Today I want to talk to you about the head peeling.

How do you usually take care about your hair? Do they grow properly? Maybe U have problems with dandroof? Its something totally for you!  

Thanks ro hair peeling you can make your hair grow faster, look better and be fresh for longer. Today Im gonna give you few examples of those peelings ;) U can make them at home

1• Coffee peeling :)
Make yourself a black coffee but dont throw away the dregs. Mix them with the shampoo and gently massage your head using this mixture. Beware! Coffee can make your hair a bit darker!
What is more, you can use it as a body scrub too. Instead of shampoo just body lotion and enjoy your home made peeling:)

2• Salt peeling
Mix 3 spoons of salt with the shampoo and massage your head with prepared mixture. Avoid this peeling if you have any wounds on your head. This peeling is perfect for people whose hair is getting oily easily.

3•Baking soda
Yes, you can use as a head peeling. Use 3 spoons with shampoo, as in those two before. Soda is refreshing your skin and its perfect if you have oily skin. What is more it gives you effect of gentle microdermabrasion

Use each of them no more than once a week.

Did u ever tried it before?

Have a great day!

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